Frequently Asked Questions

The following represents the most frequently asked questions about our tours. If you have additional questions or need clarfication, feel free to email or call us.

What documents do I need to join an Irish bridge group?

All you need is your valid passport which is required for any international travel. No visa is necessary.

When and where will we be playing bridge on the tours?

There will be duplicate bridge available in Irish clubs on 5 evenings. On the other evenings, it is possible there will be a bridge club nearby and there is always the option to find others in the group who would like to play at the hotel. On most mornings after breakfast we will have a short, optional lecture.

What if I do not have a bridge partner?

We will find a suitable partner for you. Our host, Randall Baron, will be available on many occasions to play, you can play with someone else in the group, or there will be opportunities to partner with Irish players at the clubs. You also have the option of playing with your regular partner all of the time if that is your preference.

What expenses are not included in the tour cost?

Almost everything is included once you arrive in Ireland: Breakfast, 5 dinners, rooms and group sightseeing, transportation and bridge fees at the clubs. Costs that are not included: airfare from the USA to Dublin airport and from Dublin airport back to the USA, daily lunches, dinners on nights when we visit a local bridge club, tipping, and some optional activities that you choose to do on your own.

What if someone who would like to go does not play bridge?

That is perfectly fine. The bridge lectures and games at the bridge clubs are all completely optional. There will be fascinating sightseeing and daily activities in the afternoon for everyone. At night if you do not play bridge at the club, you may enjoy an evening in the area where we are staying or simply relax at the hotel. If you wish to play golf, you are free to make your own arrangements and we can help you decide where to play in the area.

How will I reach Dublin where the group starts?

You are responsible for arriving in Ireland for the start of the tour. You may buy your ticket from one of the many airlines that serves Ireland or use frequent flyer miles. Alternate transportation to and from the airport can be arranged if you would like to spend more time in Ireland or Europe before or after the group dates.

What about travel insurance?

Important: We absolutely recommend having travel insurance for peace of mind. There are many situations that can cancel, delay or cause major problems for you. We have worked with several of the reputable companies and can help you find the best insurance available. All payments are non-refundable.